New management at Procomp Electronics and the launch of Speedmaster


As a company and a brand our mission has always to been to make racing and performance parts affordable. This stance was shown by our pricing structure and was also a notion which forced the industry’s largest players to lower their prices; and make racing affordable for all consumers (even if you were purchasing competitor items all along).

The addition to our new outlook is to be a solutions company; from radiator to rear-end. A stance in which focuses more on the customers experience and the support needed in building their project. Not only will we stand-by striving for the most competitive prices in the market, but we want to give customers the best value for money and provide an experience like no other.

With roots of knowledge stemming back to the seventies and a new management team; the new outlook comes with a new look. The Procomp Electronics logo will be superseded by the new Speedmaster Est. 1979 logo.


With the launch of the new logo is the launch of the new website.



Learn more about Speedmaster:



James Howlett
Marketing, Public Relations